Web Rule 3.0 is released

September 24, 2012 by Vlad
We are quite happy to announce that the final version of Web Rule 3.0 has been released today. This release fixes all reported issues and introduces one change to FieldAttribute and ReturnAttribute classes and source object fields of the System.String type.

At the same time, our website gets a new design, please enjoy it at Rule.CodeEffects.com. The most exciting thing about this is that Web Rule's documentation has been finally completed and published! That took some real weight off our shoulders.

Back to the release. The only significant change is that the bool property CaseSensitive of the FieldAttribute and ReturnAttribute has been deprecated. Of course, it's been marked with the ObsoleteAttribute, so nothing will break in your current code. But its value will be ignored by all evaluator classes and Linq providers.

The new property called StringComparison replaces the CaseSensitive. It is of .NET type System.StringComparison and takes the evaluation of string conditions to the new level. Now you can tell evaluator and Linq providers exactly how you want them to handle string comparison, and it's on the field-by-field basis. Having this new property solves all case sensitivity issues that Web Rule experienced in its first two versions.

We thank you for your patience! As always, your feedback is welcome.
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