Web Rule Version Released

November 18, 2012 by Vlad
Web Rule version has been released as of November 18, 2012. It contains new features, changes, enhancements and bug fixes.

With this version, we introduce our new search demo form that uses LINQ to Entity to filter records from a test database. We believe that rule-based data filtering is going to become the next big thing in data manipulation and search. This is the reason we are working to make Web Rule the first rule engine that provides business rules management and data filtering capabilities using the same web-based GUI.

This version of Web Rule also includes the ability to customize Dynamic Menu Data Sources depending on external values. For example, with this feature you can now return different menu items based on the ID of the current user, or some database flag, etc. Read more about it here. This was a highly requested feature and we are quite happy to provide this simple and hassle-free solution to such a complicated problem.

Also, speaking of dynamic menu sources, the property DisplayName of the DataSourceItem class has been deprecated. We encourage you to use its new Name property instead. For now, for compatibility reasons both properties get and set the same value. But the DataSourceItem.DisplayName property will be removed in version 4. This is done in order to unify the server- and client-side objects used by dynamic menu sources.

Version fixes all issues that have been reported so far. It also enhances the way Web Rule communicates with LINQ to SQL and LINQ to Entity providers in data filtering.

As always, we'd like to thank all of you for your continuous support and invaluable feedback!
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