Update of Web Rule ASP.NET server control is released

October 29, 2011 by Sergey
IMPORTANT: This is the last update of Web Rule 1.5 before the new major version 2.0 is released. As always, the list of planned features contains all major (but not minor) new features that will be included in v2.0.

Please note that update is the last version of Web Rule control that supports ASP.NET 3.5. Beginning from version 2.0 Web Rule will support only run-time 4.0 and up. This is your last chance to buy Web Rule for 3.5 platform. We will provide version 2.0 (the corresponding license) free of charge to owners of version

The update of Web Rule includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Fixed the annoying bug in Firefox (in all platforms) that prevented users from selecting items from context menus using Up Arrow key.

  • Fixed the reported bug that under certain conditions prevented rule authors to input empty strings in in-rule methods and actions as parameters.

  • The Evaluator class now skips rule validation when initializing execution or evaluation of a rule, which was reported by many customers as not really necessary. This improved engine's performance for about 30%. Remember that the upcoming new engine in version 2.0 will be hundreds times faster than the improved engine used in 1.5!

  • Cursor turns to "edit" only on values of "string" and "numeric" types as rule authors move their mouse over rule elements in rule area. Value elements of all other types keep mouse cursor default on hover. This gives much cleaner indication if the current value element is editable or not.

  • The overall size of assembly is about 300 KB. All previous versions were approximately 200 KB larger.

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