Web Scheduler 2.0: New Features

We Scheduler 2.0, released just several days ago, implements many new "public" and "internal" features. It's lighter, it's faster and it's CSS 3 friendly. It uses new versions of client objects built into our client framework, such as data picker, modal dialog, paging and progress bar. Several new UI features will make schedule management a bit easier as well.

  • Async Requests All HTTP requests in previous versions of Web Scheduler were limited to 30 seconds, meaning that if the resource would not return HTTP 200 in 30 seconds Web Scheduler would abort it. While this is still true for "classic" requests, version 2.0 adds a new "async" HTTP requests. If selected, this type of request simply calls the URI, detects if such address exists at all (or if it's alive) and retreats back without waiting for the final response. Technically speaking, there is nothing asynchronous going on here. It just feels like an "async" call. so we called it that :) Use this type of request if you need to schedule a long running process. To select it, check the "Do not wait for the response..." box below the URL textbox when creating a new schedule.

  • Response HTML This new feature allows you to tell Web Scheduler to include HTML returned by your server into the confirmation email message. Great for quick status view or "on-the-fly" reporting. Obviously, for this feature to work properly, the requested URI must return some markup. It won't work for "async" requests. To enable this, check the "If confirmation message is required..." box below the URL textbox when creating a new schedule. This feature was suggested by one of our old customers. Thank you!

  • Response Time The history grid in version 2.0 now displays the total time in milliseconds that took Web Scheduler to finish the HTTP request. Because we cannot possibly tell how much time does it take for an "async" request to complete, this feature works for "classic" requests only.

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