Version Release Notes

February 06, 2012 by Sergey
Version is an incremental release. Below is the list of all issues that have been fixed in this version:

  • All issues with nullable types seem to be gone. This fixes the majority of all reported issues.

  • The reported bug that prevented the normal use of the "Else If" flow elements is fixed.

  • Fixed the bug that, in certain scenarios, could prevent reusable rules from working properly.

  • Not really a bug but it was "bugging" some of you: the new rule XML format as well as the source XML format do not have dependency on unique tokens for each overloads of an in-rule method or action anymore. The new engine can now automatically find the proper overload based only on overload's signature. Thiis should be a welcome change from the previous version.

  • System functions are gone for good. Details can be found here and here.

The only issue that is not yet resolved is the bug that prevents the engine from properly comparing numeric values of different types in rule calculations (that is, everything between the { and } in the Rule Area.)

This version also includes a new feature suggested by one of our beta testers. The feature displays field, in-rule method and action descriptions as elements' standard HTML "title" when the user hovers the mouse over it. That also includes parameter descriptions. Just set the value of Description property of the correspondent attribute to see the result. You can also disable this new feature by setting the RuleEditor.ShowDescriptionsOnMouseHover to False.
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