Updates to Web Rule 3.0 beta (version

May 29, 2012 by Sergey
Download this build from here. This assembly will act as full version til August 1, 2012. After that date it'll become a Free version. Please refer to this post for the list of new features introduced in version 3.0.

New features in this release:

  • The SourceAttribute class now has a new property of Boolean type called DeclaredMembersOnly. Use this property if your source object inherits from any other type or interface and you don't want Web Rule to use members of the base class. For example, if you use automatically generated Entity framework or LINQ To SQL classes as source objects to filter data, you know that their base classes contain a lot of members that has nothing to do with data filtering. You can now decorate your source objects with the SourceAttribute and set its DeclaredMembersOnly property to True to tell Web Rule that it should ignore base members. The default value of this property is False.

  • The .ToString() method of RuleEditor classes gets new overloads that take Dynamic Menu Data Sources as params. All reported issues related to this method have been fixed.

  • As promised in the previous release notes, the SourceAttribute now includes yet another new property: PersistTypeNameInRuleXml. Set the value of this property to False if you build your source objects dynamically and don't know their exact types at design time. The False value instructs Web Rule not to store the type info of your source object in rule XML. The default value is True.

  • The parameterless overload of Asp.RuleEditor.GetRuleXml method now defaults to RuleFormatType.FormatVersion2 instead of FormatVersion1. The other overload was deprecated.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a reported bug that was preventing date picker from displaying proper selected date when updating a DateTime field's value.

  • The entire code that deals with client code "sanitation" has been overwritten. Now Web Rule properly encodes all string values and labels (such as rule name and description, field string values, string parameters, etc.) that rule authors input themselves. At the same time, all static UI labels set in the Help XML are not being encoded/decoded when Web Rule loads the editor in the browser - you still have freedom to put anything you want there.

  • Fixed support for members with the same name but different types in base and descendant source objects.

  • Fixed the issue that prevented action parameters display their descriptions.

  • Overall behavior of the Rule Editor during function parameter handling on the client has been greatly improved.

  • Fixed several reported issues related to Dynamic Menu Data Sources.

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